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Episode 1: Budget to Win Free Travel – Obligatory Traveler’s Sarah Miduski

obligatory travel logoIn Sarah’s words: “I enjoy going off the beaten path, but I’m not too cool to do, well, the obligatory, touristy, travel things too.” Sarah and her husband are pros at monitoring credit card reward points and miles and using them to their maximum value. But they also do tons of other things to travel wisely … like win free experiences!! They travel on a budget, but they also travel large because they manage their finances with finesse.

Sarah doesn’t just travel like a pro, she also does it while rocking three chronic illnesses: lupus, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, and a rare heart condition called pulmonary hypertension. I say rocking because yes, she rocks ’em. Have a listen and get inspired!

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Episodes 2 & 3: Understanding Life on the Road + Traveling with the Internal GPS with RV Love’s Marc & Julie Bennett

picture of marc and julie bennett of RV LoveJulie & Marc Bennett are the full-time RVers from are now into their 5th year of living, working, and traveling full-time in their RV. They’ve recently been featured in the movie RV Nomads and have a book out with Simon & Schuster—Living the RV Life: The Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road.

Their mission is to help YOU hit the road so you can live and love a life of freedom, fun, and travel too. They’ve visited all of the 50 USA states, explored national parks and state parks, stayed in private campgrounds and dry camped in the middle of the desert. They’ve summered in Maine, wintered in Arizona, hiked the rocky mountains in Colorado, parasailed in the Florida Keys, driven up into Canada, and walked across the border into Mexico. They even squeezed in a one month trip to Australia, working at night while exploring beautiful beaches, zooming over tropical rainforests, and snorkeling the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef by day.

Join in on our conversation with these two episodes as we discuss life on the road, common misconceptions and the how-tos of RV living, entrepreneurship, growing your travel brand, keys to success, techniques for life design, and SO MUCH more!

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Episode 3: Cycle Touring, Photography, and Entrepreneurial Travel with Intentionally Lost’s Kevin Wenning

We dig into how using photography, cycle touring, and airline perks to see the world might just be the best thing. He wanted to make his lifestyle pay for travel . . . so he did.

Coming soon!